Lobby signs can enhance any physical business site. They accommodate businesses and offices that rely on lobby signs for their navigational, decoration, and instructive purposes.

Different types of Lobby Signs

Simple desk signs that identify the person working there, such as a secretary, might serve as lobby signage. Other signs provide crucial information to the general public, such as open/close signs that govern business hours while displaying contact details and operating hours. Then there is the “King of Lobby Sign”—the sign that hangs proudly for all to see and assures potential customers that this is the right company for them. Signhub creates these signs specifically for you while also considering the desired outcome.

Using your logo or slogan on lobby signs, emphasize your brand and core values. They can stand out from the background lighting and lend gravity to your décor. Getting lobby signage is a crucial chore that businesses must invest in since it will affect customers’ first impressions as soon as they enter.

What are the benefits of lobby signage?

The’ primary purpose is to draw attention and provide a favorable first impression of your company. Although eye-catching, signs function best when they blend in with the overall design. This alone aids in giving the viewer hints about your company and personality.

Lobby signage with personality and color might suggest originality and inventiveness. For example, bronze lobby signs at legal firms tend to be more solemn and traditional, conveying timelessness and bygone reliability. Lobby signs are also crucial for delineating work zones and directing consumers to important workspaces such as waiting areas, restrooms, and offices.

Signhub can offer a team of professionals who can collaborate to design signs tailored to your needs and brand in the Surrey, Langley, and Nearby Regions. Our professionals know how to create signage that will entice your potential customers. We want to assist you in getting them through your doors.

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