What exactly is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is an option for your car’s paint that offers protection. It could be a simple pattern or design using one colour. It will be created according to your exact specifications by our in-house graphic designers. The plan will then be printed on vinyl, laminated, and applied to your car.

What is the price of a vehicle wrap?

The type of vehicle, wrap design, and required coverage all affect how much vinyl wrap a car costs. Often less expensive than paint, a vehicle wrap costs an average of $1,000 to $3000.

How are vehicle wraps made?

A talented in-house graphic design team works at Wrap Guys. We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the process while utilising the most recent technologies to ensure that their message and branding are executed precisely as they had envisioned. Before printing, we provide all final mockups and approved proofs.

How do you print a vehicle wrap?

Automobile wraps are printed using latex ink on 3M ControlTac or Avery wrap cast vinyl. The vehicle covers are laminated with a protective layer after printing. The most up-to-date printing technology and materials ensure that every car wrap is durable and printed in the best resolution possible.

How is a car wrapped?

Installations of vehicle wraps are our speciality! All our wrap installers have had thorough training and have at least ten years of vehicle wrapping expertise. Our installation technique requires great care, accuracy, and precision.

Where should the car be wrapped?

Although we have installation bays around Canada, our leading shop is in Langley, British Columbia. Call us now if you’re interested in learning the closest location!

Can windows be covered with vehicle wraps?

Only a vehicle’s back and rear side windows may be covered with a wrap. To ensure that the driver and passengers can see through, we provide that every of our window images is printed on a unique perforated vinyl.

Can I get a replacement if the business information on my wrap changes?

Of course! We can modify your wrap’s designs, logos, and wording when necessary. On top of the original car wrap, we can reprint and reinstall the vinyl as overlays.

Is it simple to take off a vehicle wrap?

Yes, removing a vehicle cover is simple. A vinyl vehicle cover may be easily removed and does not require much time. The right equipment and expertise are needed to remove a vehicle wrap. The vinyl vehicle wrap won’t harm the underlying paint when adequately removed.

Will a vinyl wrap harm a car’s paint job?

Not at all, no. Professional installation and removal of a vehicle wrap prevent any harm from being done to the vehicle’s base paint. A vinyl vehicle wrap can help save the underlying colour of your car for many years if it is appropriately put.
Will Wrap Guys pay me if I use their vehicle for advertising for them?
Regrettably, no. Only vehicle wraps are the subject of our design, printing, and installation services. Wrap Guys is not a broker of advertising.

Can you wrap leased cars?

We can wrap rented cars, yes. There are no prohibitions on installing custom wraps on leased vehicles, and our vehicle wraps do not harm the car.

How long do car wraps remain in place?

The calibre of the materials, printing and installation influences a vehicle wrap’s lifespan. Many cars wrap endure between 5-7 years on average. When taken care of properly, our vehicle wraps at Wrap Guys should last at least nine years. Most of our car covers outlast the actual vehicles.

How should my vehicle wrap be maintained?

Take good care of your vehicle wrap and try to limit machine washing. Avoid using power washers or scrapers since they can harm your property. You may clean the windows of your car and operate the rear defroster as usual.

How much time will it take for you to wrap my car?

We typically need 1-2 days to finish a wrap, depending on size and complexity. We give our clients a time estimate before beginning the process.